How to Make the Most Out of your Visit to Las Vegas

How to Make the Most Out of your Visit to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famed for offering all sorts of odd, quirky attractions from world-famous casinos to wild weekends and shotgun weddings. To help make sense of all there is to offer and sort the crazy from the sensible we’ve put together a list of the top things you can do to make the most of your visit to Sin City whether you’re a family of four or looking for a wild weekend.

Step into Any One of the Famous Casinos

Las Vegas has a huge number of sprawling casinos to choose from. Take your pick from the ancient, 50-year-old Caesars Palace with an incredible atmosphere and décor to the Golden Nugget or Palms for more modern slots and video poker you can play casino games. Should you get tired of walking around, feel free to head to popular websites like Wizard Slots that offer all the variety of the Strip without the copious amounts of walking or people flooding the slots they are also a phone casino.

See a Live Performance

Las Vegas is home to a rolling door of celebrity concerts and appearances including Celine Dion, Cher, Bruno Mars and Elton John to name but a few. Whenever you plan your visit you can rest assured you wont want for entertaining A-list shows. Just check out the local hotel websites for more details on what’s going on and get booking!

World Travel is Only Ever Few Steps Outside your Hotel

See the world for less with many of the hotels in Vegas sporting a theme linked with other world-famous attractions. For example Paris Las Vegas houses a replica of the Eiffel Tower while you can take a romantic gondola ride and visit St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian hotel. Ever fancied seeing the statue of liberty but didn’t have the funds? No problem New York-New York has a Statue of Liberty just for you so you can fund your relatives back home.

[Best Alcohol for Diet – The Three Best Alcohols for your Diet]

Discover Hoover Dam

Gaze up in awe at the impressive 726-foot cement-filled Dam walls that loom over the Colorado River. Take a guided tour, walk onto the bridge or view it by boat on Lake Mead. Whatever your preference, this incredible feat of engineering spanning 5 years and 21,000 men needs to be seen to be believed.

Make it Official

Las Vegas is often quoted as a classic destination to tie the knot in a speedy fashion. From the Little White Wedding Chapel, where Frank Sinatra married Mia Farrow to the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, where you will have the privilege and honour to be wed together by the King himself: Elvis.

Go to the Circus

In addition to shotgun weddings and celebrity concerts, Las Vegas is also known as the home of Cirque du Soleil with seven resident shows along the Boulevard. There are several different takes on the performance. Those looking for a more general display should check out ‘O’ at the Bellagio that includes marvels such as stages that can morph into a pool along with astonishing acts of human flexibility and classic clown characters.

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Best Alcohol for Diet – The Three Best Alcohols for your Diet


Living a healthy lifestyle is not all about alcohol evasion, is it? You can stick to your diet but the diet can still be accompanied by a glass of wine whenever you have time with friends. As a dieter, you may have varied low-carb options, ranging from soda, vodka all the way to some light alcohols.

Sarah Currie, a registered dietitian says that for an alcohol to be considered to have low carb content, it should contain very few grams of carbs or no carb at all. She added that the percentage of the carb content is determined by the sugar content contained in the drink. The fact that low-carb alcohol is clear is because the liquor has no added sugars to increase the carbs content. But depending on your choice, it is possible for you to add calories to your drink despite the fact that these drinks contain little amount of carbs.
The following are the three best alcohol for diet. You just need to select the one that best satisfies your you and enjoy your drink.

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Vodka soda

This is just a clear spirit which makes it evident that the drink has zero-carb content. The carb and calorie intake can easily be reduced by simply adding diet soda or soda water and doing away with the juice and other sugar-loaded mixers. The good thing with clear beverages is that you can easily tell that they are low in carb content (or absolutely carb-free) as opposed to those which are colored.

Vodka Martini

This alcohol is colorless and odorless and has very low carb content thus making it a perfect option especially when dry. The liquor is made of vermouth and gin and topped up with olive. Dr.Rachita Reddy says that gin is added because it has zero-carb content as opposed to juices and other mixers with a high level of sugar.

Red wine

A red wine is very nice if it happens to match your palate because of its low carb content. A single glass of wine contains carbs not exceeding 3.4 carbs. Reddy says that an alcohol is good for your diet if its sugar content does not go beyond 5 grams. More of this on

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