Residential Construction Colonial Homes

In residential construction, the appearance of a home is considered as an art which shows the aesthetic abilities of those who worked on the home along with the atmosphere that it delivers, both inside the house and outside the house. There are many types of home styles that you can choose from when you’re planning to build your own home. One of the most common home styles is the colonial home style. What is the colonial home style? What are the different types of colonial homes? What are the characteristics of each type of colonial home? Here are just a few to name some of the most common colonial homes.

What is the Colonial Home Style?

Dating back to the 1600s, the Colonial home style has become one of the most popular styles that homeowners adapt in their own houses. Many years ago when the Colonial architecture started, the Colonial style underwent a number of changes and transformations in regards to its design and style. This is primarily because of the variety of the early American settlers. The Colonial home style is famous for its symmetry and elegance, emphasized even more by the shuttered windows which are evenly spaced throughout the house. With its formal style, even the columns and chimneys are proportioned evenly and neatly.

Georgian Colonial

Being the most common type of Colonial home now, the Georgian Colonial never fails to exhibit the elegance and authenticity that Colonial homes have now. The Georgian Colonial is characterized by a simpler design and architecture unlike its other counterparts. Observing the principles of the Colonial home style, the Georgian Colonial also shows its strict symmetrical design. Often shaped like that of a box, the Georgian Colonial is embellished with windows and shutters. The front door is also one of the main features of the Georgian Colonial, described as paneled and below a decorative crown with a frame made from simple or flat columns.


Federal Colonial

Also called as the Adam style, the Federal Colonial is inspired by the Roman classicism. While bearing resemblance to the Georgian Colonial, the Federal Colonial is different in terms of the additional wings that are found on each side of the housing unit, easily discernible because of the box shape which act as decorations rather than meant for functionality. Federal Colonial homes are typically made out of bricks which add to its sturdiness. A fan-shaped window is usually seen placed on top of the door with rectangular windows placed on the sides of the doorway.

Dutch Colonial

The Dutch Colonial dates back to the 1600s and it started out as one room. This style can easily be recognized because of its broad gambrel roofing, dormers, flared eaves and a hood on the front entrance which serves a decorative purpose. Click here for more